About Us

Katy Association of Christian Homeschoolers (KACH) was founded to support and encourage fellow homeschooling families in and around Katy, Texas.  We organize an exhibitor fair each August so that families can learn about activities and services available to homeschoolers in the Katy area.  We currently offer many small groups and encourage parents to form and lead small groups for specific needs and interests.  We offer programs for our student members such as theater, science fair and field trips.  In addition, we provide a forum for homeschool parents to announce opportunities, ask questions and seek prayer from other Christians. Currently our membership is around 400 families.

Student Small Groups

Student groups can be formed by KACH members to meet unique needs and interests of our homeschooling families. Newly formed groups will be submitted for approval by the Board of Directors and will abide by KACH policies and procedures.

This list can change over time depending on the willingness of members to lead groups.  Below is a list of the student groups currently offered by KACH.

Five 2 Eight Group

We are made up of families in KACH who have at least one child 5-8 years old. We welcome siblings so we have younger and older kids too. We fellowship and socialize, encourage one another in our homeschooling journey and develop meaningful friendships, and enjoy educational enrichment opportunities. We have park days once a week, field trips once a month, and parties and moms’ nights throughout the year. We welcome and love new families, and we hope to see you soon!

Tween Group

This group is for families who have at least one child aged 9-12. We typically offer 2 park days per month as well as occasional field trips. Park days are a time of fun and fellowship for parents and children alike.

Teen Group

The teen group is open to the teenagers of KACH (AGE 13-19) and provides opportunities to get together, have fun, learn from one another, and serve KACH and the community.

To plan teen group activities such as dances, fundraisers, game nights, and outings through a student lead organization that works with adult supervisors and student volunteers in order to build strong relationships and foster leadership skills.

Student Council

This group is for the KACH TAG elected student council members.  A place for them to plan activities and discuss Teen Group events and outreach projects.

Chess/Board Game Club

For those students interested in chess or board games in general

Debate Program

KACH Debate Club prepares students to compete in NCFCA tournaments in team policy debate. Open to ages 12 and up. Families should expect to affiliate with the NCFCA in order to compete.

Science Fair Program

This co-ed group is designed for grades K-12 to explore scientific questions using the scientific method and to publicly display results at an annual science fair. Participating in this event will give students the opportunity to develop and use skills such as: research, writing, math, logic, display, speech and communication, goal setting, and time management.

Theater Program

KACH Theatre Company is dedicated to providing quality theatre experiences and instruction at a low cost to KACH member families. We produce two shows each year: one musical and one play. We offer acting roles in these productions, technical theatre opportunities, and reader’s theatre performances. Open to ages 7 and up.

Terms and Conditions of Membership

Since KACH is a Christian community of homeschool families, it is necessary that all members agree with the following terms and conditions.  Before joining KACH, each member must agree with the following:


  • I have read and am in agreement with the KACH Bylaws
  • I have read and am in agreement with the KACH Statement of Faith
  • I have read and am in agreement with the KACH Policies & Procedures
  • I further agree to abide by and support the rules, regulations and bylaws which may be updated from time to time
  • I am responsible for keeping up with the changes contained in the rules, regulations, and bylaws
  • I understand that I am bound by this agreement until such time that my membership is canceled or not renewed
  • I also understand that there are some risks associated with participation in KACH events and I knowingly release KACH and its members, leadership, sponsors, and Board of Advisors from any and all liabilities as a result of their sponsorship and management of these events
  • I affirm that my family is actively engaged in homeschooling or is intending to homeschool the upcoming school year

Agree with the Terms & Conditions above and want to join KACH?